Vi sendte noen spørsmål til Party Poker, her er svarene.

Vi sendte noen spørmål til Party Poker vedrørende de negative signalene som de britiske mediene har rapportert om den seneste tiden.

Thank you for writing to us and offering us the chance to answer your questions. The answers to your questions are as follows:

PN: Some newspaper reports that you are loosing over 90% of the revenue because of the new law?

There is a lot of speculation about how we are performing. The true picture will be revealed this Friday when we announce our third quarter Key Performance Indicators. Stock Exchange rules prevent me from saying anything else about our financial performance until the official figures are released on Friday.

Party Poker svarer

PN: In percent, how many players are from USA on Party Poker?

We have never released specific figures for the numbers of poker players from the US, although analysts have suggested that around 75% of our poker player pool is from America. That said, the non-U.S player pool is very large. For instance, in the first half of this year we had 380,000 active customers from outside the U.S. That figure is 2,000 greater than the number of U.S players that we had two years previously in the first half of 2004, which shows just how well our non-U.S. business has grown.

PN: How will this effect your tournament offers to your customers?

We have always made changes to our tournaments to ensure that we give the customer what they want and not what we think they want. Tournaments will continue to be a core part of

PN: Is there any reason to be concerned as a player on Party Poker?

There is absolutely no reason to be concerned. PartyPoker is still being enjoyed by poker players from across the world.

PN: Are the players money safe with Party Poker?

Yes. All players’ money is safe.

PN: Did you cancel Million Dollar Sunday last Sunday?

We are making changes to some of our tournaments which will continue to be a core part of

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